Shared bikes: enjoy electric assistance even on vacation

The Electric Assisted Bike (ebike) makes many followers for the daily commute. Thanks to shared bike services, tourist sites now allow their visitors to enjoy electricity on their vacation spot. Since last July, the Port Vauban-Antibes (06) offers 10 VAE to boaters who call there. Managed by the Harbor Master’s Office, the resort found its cruising speed with rentals that reached 2,000 hours, from the first month of operation.

Shared VAE also offers a solution for sites offering bike ride routes. The Maurienne-Galibier Community of Communes (73) has put stations into operation in two villages. Three more will follow, next year, for a total of 25 VTC. As in Port Vauban, the operator has defined the specifications for the choice of the type of pedelec. A flexibility allowed by stations able to accommodate all electric models of the market.

Source: Mobendi

mobendi, Le vélo électrique en mode partagé : une nouvelle alternative à la voiture