Brive: more than 200 execution plans for the heating network pipelines

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Brive: more than 200 execution plans for the heating network pipelines

Knowing how to provide services and reactivity to deal with the hazards of a major construction site

Laurent Penk, Director of Aterm Tubes

 « Plans coupled with specifications for budgetary and logistical monitoring of operations »

The City of Brive (19) is finalizing the construction of its heating network. What were the constraints to be integrated regarding the pipes deployed?
This project includes about 100 substations and 24 km of pre-insulated steel tubes, in a round trip. In particular, it was necessary to be very reactive to provide solutions when the network layout was modified during the execution phase. Indeed, there have been many changes made, not only in relation to field constraints, but also to the variation in the very nature of the planned operating mode. For example, a cogeneration plant, initially planned, has not been created. We have thus produced more than 200 execution plans. These plans are of crucial importance, both for the progress of the project and for the overall follow-up of the mission.
What do you mean?
As soon as the Brive contract was awarded to Coriance – which then commissioned us – we drew up detailed plans on 1/200th. These plans are linked to the estimate, which simplifies the budgetary follow-up of operations, thanks to spreadsheet extractions. The same applies to logistics. The customer is constantly aware of the delivery schedule of the tubes, section by section. This was all the more useful as in Brive, 7 km of pipes with an external diameter of 500 mm were delivered in 16 m tubes. It was therefore necessary to ensure their transport in exceptional convoys. All these documents are based on the documents, which were already very detailed and had been produced at the time of the call for tenders. All the parts required for the network were quantified: tubes, bends, junction kits, etc. This precise information, combined with our services and responsiveness, makes it possible to meet the high expectations of project owners and contractors on a large-scale construction site, with all the risks that this entails.
During the work, precisely, are there any particular points of vigilance to be observed?
Yes, we were present in the field to train the site workers in the implementation of the junction kits. This operation is crucial to ensure the performance and sustainability of a network that will operate for several decades.
The network in figures
– 48 km of pipelines
– 12,900 t of CO2 avoided per year
– 7,500 t of wood consumed per year
– more than 80% of renewable energy & recovery
– 6,000 housing equivalents served
– 27.5 million euros invested
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