H3c, What solutions for the energy efficiency of health care facilities?

La revue des énergies renouvelables et des solutions alternatives.

H3c, What solutions for the energy efficiency of health care facilities?

Align building performance with high environmental quality targets

Frederic Herin,
Sales Director
H3C Energies

« The monitoring of the CREM market must take into account the specific health requirements »

What are the courses of action followed by health care institutions to reduce their energy costs?

Hospitals and EHPADs are mainly aimed at reducing their heating and ventilation costs. To do this, they can set up efficient production systems and optimize their management by monitoring. They can also undertake a thermal renovation of their premises or use renewable energies. When the return on investment allows it, the latter can help to cover heating needs. Photovoltaics is also increasingly being considered for self-consumption.

How can these actions be coordinated?

For a new construction, it is a matter of design based on an ambition, that of the project owner. In the existing system, it is first of all necessary to carry out an energy audit of the buildings, their systems and the use of the various services. This makes it possible to identify the most effective actions to improve the site’s energy performance. Before even considering any work, this may involve choosing new energy suppliers. In the event of the installation of new heating or cooling production systems, the role of energy consulting is to support the contracting authority through feasibility studies. This support continues in the award and monitoring of operation and maintenance contracts. It can also be a contract covering design, construction, operation and maintenance (CREM) to implement energy performance actions (system and/or building work). In a health context, market monitoring must take into account specificities, such as the monitoring of curative treatments against legionellosis, for example.

Moreover, in a hospital, the question of energy is not only about performance…

Indeed, this is why it is important to align the energy efficiency of a site with targets of high environmental quality. As part of a support system for health establishments, initiated by ADEME Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes, we are also contributing to the dissemination of good practices concerning the specific governance of energy management in healthcare buildings. The objective is to make them energy-efficient and pleasant to live in.


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